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Turnkey pools in Tuscany: the benefits of a complete service from planning to maintenance

Which are the benefits a TURNKEY SERVICE concerning the construction of a swimming pool? Many! Starting from the containment of costs, up to a fluid and fast creation of the project perfectly designed. Garden Pool offers one of the most complete services for creating a swimming pool in all of Tuscany!

The process of creating a swimming pool is quite complex, because it includes a bureaucratic aspect, a design aspect, a real construction yard, a structural and installation aspect, as well as the final touch: finishing, surrounding areas, furnishing, accessories.

This is the reason why it will be necessary to rely on people that have a wealth of experience in this field, in order to proceed in a fair, quick and fluid manner in the construction of a swimming pool you desire.

Garden Pool offers a TURNKEY service to create swimming pool, which begins with the first free of charge inspection on site, up to the creation of the garden and complete arrangement of the surrounding areas. Once the complete and detailed estimate that would meet all the Customer’s desires as well as his budget and timings had been drafted, Garden Pool will proceed with these steps:

  • outfitting the construction yard and its fencing
  • tracking and highlighting the excavation heights
  • assistance to earth movements and excavations
  • creation of pool’s structural works
  • construction of the technical room to contain the filtering system
  • drains
  • embankments
  • land shaping and water regulation
  • creation of solarium, flooring, finishing
  • various tests
  • stone walls, tiers etc. arrangement of garden and outside surrounding areas
  • dismantlement of construction yard and final cleaning

Obviously these are steps that pertain the construction o fan in-ground pool. In case of semi in-ground or Above ground pools, the whole procedure is much faster requiring less steps and duties.

The fact that our company had own workers and machinery does reduce all costs to construct any pool as well as the realization times. Our team which has been working together since many years ago and has various experts for all sectors (building, mechanics, gardening, excavations etc.) and works perfectly together in coordination on every project, in order to ensure the best possible outcome for the Customer, in terms of quality, beauty and efficiency. Using only one supplier to construct a swimming pool guarantees, moreover, huge savings, compared to using many workers.

Having completed the project, Garden Pool can also take care of the swimming pool maintenance and assistance, with regular basis or on call contracts.

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