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Pools with no authorization required in Tuscany? Your swimming pool with no bureaucracy, rapidly

Will you always need an authorization to create a swimming pool in Tuscany? It all depends from the kind of swimming pool. There are pools that do not require authorization and that have contained costs and realization times. Discover with us which kind of pools belong to this category, that is pools that require no authorization.

Many Municipalities have always requested authorizations for the construction of swimming pools (even above ground!), due to the fact that most of them require a concrete baseplate. Due to this baseplate the “dismantling criterion” fails, this fact makes the pool construction free from the requirement of authorizations. Today there are many types of above ground pools with steel baseplates that are easily dismantled and that eliminate the compulsoriness of authorization requirements.

Thanks to this system (used for instance by Dolcevita Gold and Dolcevita Country models by Laghetto) it will only be necessary to arrange the land in order to house the steel baseplate, adjusting it with sand and gravel. This kind of laying completely unties the pool and makes it able to be “built” with no need for authorizations, in total compliance to the rules in force.

These pools that require no authorization can then also be placed in-ground or be semi in-ground , tank to their versatility, providing the final appearance of the pool almost the same of a traditional pool. Finishing can be customised in accordance to Customer’s taste. They can also be integrated with whirlpools, swimming machines and heating. There is a great variety of sizes for these pools.

The final appearance s of a traditional pool, however costs are very much contained and realization times extremely rapid (less than 15 working days), besides providing the benefit of not having to deal with long bureaucratic paper works.

Who would we suggest these kind of pools? To everyone that would like to have a high quality product carried out at contained costs and rapidly, without having to deal with bureaucratic paper works requesting authorizations.

Garden Pool sales and installs Laghetto products since many years. Laghetto Dolcevita above ground pools are perfect to be embedded in terraced environments, in places that have landscape ties or where it won’t be possible to get an authorization for traditional in-ground pools. The short assembly times make this kind of pool belong to the category of MOVABLE SEASONAL STRUCTURES.

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